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Cosmetic Regulations

Cosmetic Bio-glitter® 8301/xxxH.FDA Product Range is compliant with the following cosmetic regulations:-

  Europe  European Cosmetic Regulation 1223/2009
  USA  FDA Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 21
  China  Hygienic Standard for Cosmetics, July 2007
  Japan  Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Ordinance No 126 of July 29, 2003.  QD (JSQI) regulation NOT applicable
  Australia  Industrial Chemicals (Notification & Assessment) Act 1998 and Cosmetic Standards 2007
  Korea  Korean Cosmetic Products Act (KPCA), 2000


FDA Regulations Extra Comment

One or both of the above apply to some Bio-glitter® products.  Please consult specific product details for more information. 


Rules about glitter size and use around the eyes. 

 To our knowledge, although not specifically specified within any cosmetic regulations, the cosmetic industry applies a self-imposed limit of maximum 150mirons (006 size) to cosmetic particles used around the eyes. 


Antimony Levels.

Antimony levels in Bio-glitter® are below the levels of detection.  Total content analysis by Inductive Coupled Argon Plasma Spectrometry <5ppm, which is the limit of the test. 

Historically the cosmetic industry has made a special exception to Antimony levels in polyester glitter and has allowed levels up to 150ppm.  Compounds of Antimony are used as catalysts during the production of polyester which results in contamination and Antimony levels higher than background.  There is no upper limit to Antimony levels in non-cosmetic glitter!


Ecological Credentials

Bio-glitter® is produced from a special biodegradable film that is:

Bio-glitter® is Non GMO.  No genetically modified organisms or materials are used in the process to produce Bio-glitter® and based on information from our suppliers none of the material used to formulate Bio-glitter® are obtained from GMO’s


ASTM D7081-05* - has been withdrawn from official use, however in the absence of any other suitable alternative we feel it still provides a credible measure of marine biodegradability.   

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